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A savoir pour la rentrée de septembre !!! Il nous reste une place de grand à la micro crèche Baby Coccinelle de Sainte Foy d'Aigrefeuille !!!
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A concept

It’s true, learning languages can be a lot easier when you start learning from a younger age.

Babies are in effect more open to learning new languages and are capable of understanding and even being bilingual very early in life. When they are born, they have the ability to discern different sounds from different languages. Because of this, young children are able to replicate perfectly the sounds, accents and melodies of a second language, but it is very important to start practicing as early as possible for, as they say in France, « the gift of apprentiship, somewhat like magic, weakens after the age of 3 years old ».

This experience in English now will give children the chance to be more comfortable with this second language, and help them throughout their schooling and working life. As well as developing language skills, their time at Baby Coccinelle will be an enriching and positive cultural experience.

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